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SEDM Coordination Committee

Noting that initiatives and activities in the SEDM context have gradually increased and therefore desiring to establish an appropriate structure in the framework of SEDM for the coordination of the initiatives and activities as a whole, SEDM nations created the SEDM Coordination Committee (SEDM-CC) with an agreement that was signed in Thessaloniki, Greece, on the 9th of October 2000. It should be a mechanism to coordinate all SEDM activities and initiatives beyond the scope of PMSC.

The basic aims of this mechanism are following:

- an advisory politico-military coordination and steering committee for initiatives and activities held within the SEDM framework;

- a self-sustaining and standing capability for consultative, coordinating and implementing purposes accountable to defense ministers.

In particular, the SEDM-CC shall have the following key function:

- Coordinating and preparing the meetings of MOD/DCHODs in conjunction with host nations;

- Elaborating proposals and making recommendations on the annual work plans of activities, as well as on the agendas of the meeting in the SEDM process;

- Overseeing all SEDM working groups and coordinating with and among them;

- Providing political-military advice to those working groups, as needed;

- Coordinating SEDM activities with the activities in the region of other organizations, in accordance with the guidance of the SEDM Ministers.

Currently there is an ongoing SEDM-CC Agreement revision process.

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