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Visit of IMIHO (Interconnection of Military Hospitals) to SEEBRIG HQ for the 9th Technical Working Group Meeting, 23 May 2018


         As a project for medical information exchange among military hospitals in the framework of the SEDM Process, IMIHO (Interconnection of Military Hospitals), visit SEEBRIG HQ in Camp SCHINA.

Purpose of this visit is the 9th Tecnical Working Group Meeting which conducted in Larissa from 22 to 24 May 2018 and especially 23 of May hosted by SEEBRIG HQ. Representatives from Athens, Belgrade, Bucharest, Skopje and Sofia, along with members from SEDM Secretariat participated in this TWG discussing the ongoing activities and the way ahead of this project. The program of the visit included a briefing about the history, activities, trainings, exercises, etc of SEEBRIG by DCOSOPS, COL Ljupcho SPASEVSKI. After this, a family photo take place outside of SEEBRIG HQ and after a coffee break starts the Technical Working Group Meeting.

Seebrig Headquarters

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