South-Eastern Europe Brigade Multinational Peace Force

COMSEEBRIG’s visits to local authorities, 12 – 16 Jan 18

   Commander of SEEBRIG, BG Tudorică PETRACHE, accompanied by Chief of Staff of SEEBRIG, COL Ioannis INTZES paid official visits to local authorities in the area of Larissa and Tyrnavos, between 12 and 16 of January 2018.

   During these visits, COMSEEBRIG met with the Mayor of Tyrnavos Mr. Panagiotis SARCHOSIS on 12th of January 2018, with chief of Larissa Police Headquarters BG Georgios AGAKOS and with the chief of Larissa Fire Brigade BG Achilles TZOUVARAS.
   During the visits, COMSEEBRIG had the oportunity to discuss topics of mutual interest, Host Nation support and training cooperation.

Seebrig Headquarters

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