South-Eastern Europe Brigade Multinational Peace Force

SEEBRIG HQ Farewell Ceremony, Tyrnavos/Na-3, 07 August 2020

With the lowering of the national flags of the member Nations, SEEBRIG HQ said “Good Bye” to Camp Schina, Tyrnavos, which was home of the Brigade Nucleus Staff for 9 years, starting with 2011. High level political and military representatives from MPFSEE countries, NATO, local authorities and other delegates attended. During the ceremony, tokens of appreciation were presented to Host Nation Deputy Minister of National Defence, Hellenic First Army Commander, Host Nation OPR, and Camp Commander. SEEBRIG Nucleus Staff personnel who ended their tour of duty in the HQ were presented by the Commander of SEEBRIG with appreciation letters and medals, according to their duration of service.


The ceremony marked another step of a journey which began when SEEBRIG HQ was set up and activated with a permanent Nucleus Staff on 31 August 1999, in Plovdiv, (Na-2). Afterwards SEEBRIG HQ was relocated to Constanta (Na-6), from 2003-2007, to Istanbul (Na-7) from 2007- 2011 then Tyrnavos (Na 3). The journey will continue, taking the SEEBRIG HQ to Kumanovo (Na-5).


SEEBRIG Command and Nucleus Staff are grateful for the hospitality and the outstanding level of support provided by the Host Nation along all these years.

SEEBRIG Headquarters

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