South-Eastern Europe Brigade Multinational Peace Force

SEDM-CC/PMSC Chairmanship Handover-Takeover (HOTO) and 20th Anniversary of SEEBRIG ceremonies, 30th August 2019, Tyrnavos/ Na3

   The HOTO of South-East Europe Defense Ministerial Coordination Committee/ Political-Military Steering Committee (SEDM-CC/ PMSC) Chairmanship and the 20th SEEBRIG Anniversary ceremonies took place on 30th August 2019 at Camp “SCHINA”, Tyrnavos/Larissa.
   Na-3 Ambassador Mr. Eleftherios ANGHELOPOULOS handed over SEDM-CC/ PMSC chairmanship to Mr. Petro KOCI (Deputy Minister of Defense of Na-1).  
   Many distinguished guests took part in both events. Among the guests were Deputy Ministers of Defense (MoD) from Na-1 and Na-2, representative of MoD from Na-6 and Na-7, Deputy Chiefs of Defense from Na-2, Na-3, Na-5 and Na-6, diplomats, senior and higher ranked officers and personnel from SEEBRIG member nations, Ser-bia, Ukraine, Montenegro, Italy and Croatia.
    After both chairmen and COMSEEBRIG delivered their speeches, the new chairman Mr. Petro KOCI awarded the outgoing SEDM-CC/PMSC secretariat with SEEBRIG accomplishment medals whereas COMSEEBRIG presented them with certif-icates of appreciation. Moreover, COMSEEBRIG presented certificates of appreciation and plaques to former leaders of the Brigade, Commanders and Chiefs of Staff. The event was concluded with the parade of SEEBRIG personnel and host nation troops. In the evening, the 20th SEEBRIG Anniversary dinner took place at Imperial Hotel in Larissa.

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