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Farewell and Medal Ceremony for CG1, CG3, G4 Movement Officer and COS Clerk on 20 August 2019 Tyrnavos/Larissa Na-3

           A Farewell and Medal Ceremony was conducted for Chief G1, LTC Dobril RADOSLAVOV (Na-2), Chief G3, LTC B├╝rgehan TASKOYAN (Na-7), G4 Movement Officer, LT Damianos PESLIS (Na-3) and COS Clerk, WO Dimitra TZIOLA (Na-3), who completed their tour of duty within SEEBRIG HQ.

            The event took place in Camp SCHINA Mess Hall, on 20 August 2019, with the participation of all SEEBRIG personnel. In recognition of their achievements and efforts made during their tours of duty, the officers were awarded with the SEEBRIG Accomplishment Medals and Certificates of Appreciation, in accordance with SEEBRIG HQ regulations.

Seebrig Headquarters

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