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SEEBRIG HQ New Year Dinner/Ball

   On 21 December 2017 took place the traditional SEEBRIG’s New Year Dinner/Ball, with the participation of all its Nucleus Staff, their families and some distinguished guests that by one or another mean support and cooperate with SEEBRIG.

   Among them there were the Commander of 1st  Army LTG Dimocritos ZERVAKIS, the Director of 404 Military Hospital and the Director of International Community School of Larissa (ICSL).
   It was a perfect opportunity for all the participants to meet toghether outside of the daily military routine, to enjoy with traditional music form  SEEBRIG Member Nations, to taste the cuisine and the hospitality of the Host Nation.
   This was the best ocassion to close a very productive year, and just before the Christmas and New Year Holidays.
   At the end of the celebration all the children and their parents received gifts by the Command Group of SEEBRIG

Seebrig Headquarters

SEEBRIG HQ CAMP SCHINA 2nd km TYRNAVOS-LARISSA PO 40100, TYRNAVOS Tel: +302410-932311 Fax: +302410-932600

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