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Participation of SEEBRIG personnel to Interconnection of Military Hospitals (IMIHO) 33rd Technical Working Group (TWG) and 15th IMIHO Users Meeting organized by Bucharest via Video Teleconference, 07-08 December 2021

Interconnection of Military  Hospitals (IMIHO) 33rd Technical Working Group (TWG) and 15th IMIHO Users Meeting was conducted by Bucharest via Video Teleconference. SEEBRIG HQ participated in this meeting with 1 NCO, G4 Clerk.

IMIHO Project created within the SEDM Process framework has shown to be an effective and important mechanism, aiming at exchange of medical information between medical professional personnel using information technologies.

The aim of the this activity is to achieve the common goals, to maintain and to increase its friendly environment and cooperation within the SEDM Member Nations in the medical field.

An IMIHO Awards Ceremony took place to honor individuals who distinguished themselves by providing valuable support and assistance to the activities of the Project.

This activity provided a good opportunity for SEEBRIG to increase the mutual trust and cooperation in common future activities between IMIHO TWG and SEEBRIG.

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