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Participation of SEEBRIG personnel in the Main Planning Conference of “EURASIAN STAR 19” Exercise, 15 – 16 May 19, Istanbul, Na-7

           Between 15th and 16th of May a team from SEEBRIG HQ participated in the Main Planning Conference of “EURASIAN STAR 19” (EAST 19) at NRDC-T HQ, in Istanbul, Na 7. During this conference the team participated to several syndicates and established contact with NRDC-T key leaders in order to settle SEEBRIG’s contribution to this exercise.

Participation to this conference was very fruitful and as main outcome is that SEEBRIG HQ will support NRDC-T with a professional team in order to achieve the exercise’s objectives.
          SEEBRIG participated with a delegation of two officers MAJ Kayhan IGCI Na-7 and 1LT Damianos PESLIS Na-3.

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