South-Eastern Europe Brigade Multinational Peace Force

    The 43rd PMSC and 42nd SEDM-CC Meetings of the SEDM process were held under the Albanian Presidency, online via VTC on 15 May 2020, due to COVID 19 pandemic restrictions.
    SEDM countries, SEEBRIG Commander and representatives from international and regional organizations such as NATO, RACVIAC and UNDP SEESAC participated in the meetings, chaired by H.E. Mr. Petro Koçi.
   During the 43rd PMSC meeting, SEEBRIG Commander BG Tudorică PETRACHE presented an update on SEEBRIG activities, achievements, future activities, financial and manning issues and future perspectives. The most critical elements of the briefing were SEEBRIG HQ relocation in Na-5 and the execution of the Exercise Seven Stars.  The outbreak of the virus dictated new assessments and a decision-making was required. Furthermore DCOSSUP presented the SEEBRIG HQ relocation plan from Na-3 to Na 5.
    Other programs, initiatives and projects were discussed in a fruitful atmosphere, friendly spirit, and mutual understanding


SEEBRIG Headquarters

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