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Participation of SEEBRIG personnel in “BALKAN BRIDGES 2019” Exercise Specification Conference, 16th – 17th Jan 19, Na 2

From 16th to 17th JAN 2019 the Exercise Specification Conference (ESC) for the Multinational Distributed Computer Assisted Exercise (CAX) / Command Post Exercise (CPX) “BALKAN BRIDGES 2019” (BB19) took place in Nation 2 ski resort Borovets. The SEEBRIG delegation was consisted of SEEBRIG’s officer of primary responsibility (OPR), G3 Training Officer, LTC Fotious Dadalis, Chief of G3 section LTC Burgehan Taskoyan and Chief of G5 section LTC Nikolay Parvanov.

   The purpose of the exercise is to improve and enhance the interoperability of the Balkan States’ Armed Forces as well as their capabilities adequately to apply NATO procedures and comprehensive approach to any security concerns and risks related to a regional crisis. In order to fulfill the aforementioned, appropriate conditions and environment will be provided for testing the integration of national and NATO M&S systems and/or simulators into a regional Information Communication Technology Infrastructure (ICT) namely, South Eastern Europe Exercise and Training Network (SEEETN).
    The next event is Initial Planning Conference (IPC), and it will be hоld in Sofia in the period of 13 to 14 February 2019.

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