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Participation of SEEBRIG personnel in South-Eastern Europe Simulation 2018 Ex, Istanbul/Na 7

On 27th of November 2018 COMSEEBRIG Brigadier General Tudorică PETRACHE participated in the distiguished visitors day of South-Eastern Europe Simulation 2018 Exercise, which  was conducted from 26th  to 29th of  November 2018 at the Multinational Joint Warfare Center in Istanbul, Na7.

    SEESIM 18 was a Computer Assisted Exercise (CAX) with the aim to enhance the capabilities of South-Eastern Europe nations in responding to security concerns, risks and threats and to strengthen the role of the countries involved as a security and stability factor in the region.
    The scenario for the exercise was based on fictitious disasters and cascading emergencies which affected the civil population and critical infrastructure in the South Eastern Europe Countries. The countries have agreed to help each other under the SEDM initiative.
    SEEBRIG HQ participated in this training activity as a secondary training audience with a delegation formed out of five officers and one NCO, Colonel Murat VURAL, Na7, LTC Burgehan TASKOYAN, Na7, LTC. Athanasios DEDIKOUSIS, Na3, LTC Leonard ZHUPA, Na1, CPT Ovidiu CALDARE, Na6 and MSG Lucian CHIRILA, Na6.   This exercise provided a good training opportunity for SEEBRIG HQ staff.

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