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Exercise “GORDIAN KNOT 17”, 27 November- 07 December 2017

Exercise GORDIAN KNOT 17 was conducted from 27 Nov to 07 Dec 2017 at the training areas of “PROKOPIDI” and “LEVANTI” camps in ASSIROS and SINDOS respectively in Thessaloniki area and it was the main training activity of NATO Rapid Deployable Corps-Greece for 2017.

GOKT17 was a Command Post Exercise (CPX) that trained NRDC-GR HQ with associated Joined Logistic Support Group in planning and conducting a Non Article 5 Crisis Response SJO (L) of limited complexity, under direct command of SACEUR, in a military, civilian and not failed state environment involving combat incidents with High Intensity moments.

SEEBRIG HQ participated in this training activity as Response Cell, with nine officers and one NCO along with RCs from brigades of Na2, Na3, Na6 and Spain.

This exercise provided a good opportunity to SEEBRIG personnel to exercise themselves in the planning and conducting of a complex exercise of this magnitude, to gain valuable experience from the scenario and the incidents they were injected and to prove SEEBRIG’s capability in a complex and challenging operational framework.

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