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Full Operational Capability (FOC)

  • General Information:
  • Evaluation Dates: 26-29 Oct. 04, during EX SEVEN STARS-04.
  • Focus of the evaluation


- Signal Company.

- In-Barracks Evaluation.

- Deployed Location Evaluation.

  • The 38 Criteria of evaluation together with all their sub-criteria have been demonstrated by SEEBRIG HQ in reality, as during a real mission. The evaluators have assessed and checked SEEBRIG HQ capabilities for conducting planning, deployment, operations, command and control, logistic and CIS support, as well as other specific aspects of peace support operation, in accordance with the NATO standards and procedures.
  • Results:

    In the report of JFC NAPLES Evaluation Team it is mentioned that "the results of evaluation indicate quite clearly that HQ SEEBRIG is capable of making a meaningful and valuable contribution to NATO-led Peace Support Operations albeit there are a number of limitations that would need to be taken into account at the time".

    The recommendation of the report forwarded to SACEUR (Supreme Allied Commander Europe), SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe) is "to formally certify that HQ SEEBRIG has attained FOC status with limitations to deploy to a NATO led PSO in Balkans."

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