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Nation 7


Participation to SEEBRIG
Number of Nucleus Staff personnel in

Units allocated to SEEBRIG
- 1 mechanized infantry battalion
- 1 engineer company (ETF)
- 1 artillery battery
- 1 reconnaissance company
- Elements in TACP
- Elements in CSS battalion (Transportation Coy HQ, Transportation Platoon, EOD Team)

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Geographic coordinates: 36-42 N, 26-45 E
Area:Total: 814,578 sq km; 783,563 sq km projection; water: 1.3%
Capital: Ankara
Population : 80,810,525 (2017)
Climate: Temperate; hot, dry summers with mild, wet winters in the South and West; oceanic climate with warm wet summers and cool to cold winters in the north, harsher climate conditions in interior parts and in the East.