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First Aid Course for SEEBRIG nucleus staff, Tyrnavos, Na 3, 9th April 2019

   A delegation of two officers – doctors from 404 Military Hospital conducted a First Aid Course in Camp “SCHOINA” for SEEBRIG nucleus staff, on 9th April 2019.

   The conducted subjects were Cardio – Pulmonary Resuscitation, Use of Automatic External Defibrillator and Heimlich maneuver. After the theoretical training, the training audience was divided into two groups for the practical part of the training.   
    SEEBRIG HQ’s nucleus staff had the fruitful experience to be informed about the benefits of delivering first aid as well as to get acquainted with the use of medical devices that may save lives in the framework of fictitious scenarios, that were provided by the instructors.

A delegation led by the Commander of LITPOLUK Brigade BG Adam JOKS paid an official visit to SEEBRIG HQ on 01 March 2016. During the visit the delegation was briefed about SEEBRIG. The visit is an opportunity to start cooperation and to share experience among SEEBRIG and LITPOLUK Brigade.

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