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SEDM Agreement







The Defence Ministries of the States participating in the South-Eastern Europe Defence Ministerial (SEDM) process, hereinafter referred to as the Parties.

Reaffirming their dedication to the purposes and principles contained in the UN Charter and OSCE documents.

Confirming their commitment to contribute to peace and confidence and to foster good neighbourly relations and close cooperation among the States in South-Eastern Europe.

Noting commitment to the aims and principles stated in the Agreement on the Multinational Peace Force South- Eastern Europe ( hereinafter the MPFSEE Agreement) signed in Skopje on the 26th of September 1998 and concluded within the framework of SEDM.

Believing that dialogue among the States of the region of South-Eastern Europe must be further developed, as envisaged inter alia in the Charter of the Southeastern Europe Cooperation Process (SEECP) on Good- Neighbourly Relations, Stability, Security and Cooperation in South-Eastern Europe, as well as in the Stability Pact for South-Eastern Europe.

Determined to further develop and strengthen regional security and defence cooperation and contribute to the integration of the States of the region into Euro-Atlantic structures.

Recognizing the need to find more effective ways to coordinate ongoing regional security initiatives.

Noting that initiatives and activities in the SEDM context have multiplied and therefore desiring to establish an appropriate structure in the framework of SEDM for the coordination of SEDM initiatives and activities as a whole.

Recognizing the achievements of the Politico- Military Steering Committee ( hereinafter PMSC), established pursuant to Article IV of the MPFSEE Agreement.

Have agreed as follows:


1. The Parties agree to establish a mechanism to coordinate all SEDM initiatives and activities beyond the scope of the PMSC, as provided for in the MPFSEE Agreement and related Protocols. The basic aims of this mechanism area to provide the Parties with:

a. An advisory politico-military coordinating and steering committee for initiatives and activities held within the SEDM framework;

b. A self sustaining and standing capability for consultative, coordinating and implementing purposes accountable to Defence Ministers and Deputy Ministers.

2. To accomplish these aims, the PMSC assumes additional duties, as mentioned in the third paragraph of this Article, and will meet in an expanded format to discharge these additional duties. Representatives of all Parties to this Agreement will participate equally in the expanded PMSC, hereinafter called the SEDM Coordination Committee (SEDM-CC)

3. The SEDM-CC shall be responsible for the coordination of all initiatives and activities which take place in the context of SEDM and for the elaboration of relevant proposals to be submitted to the SEDM Ministers for consideration and approval. In particular, the SEDM-CC shall have the following key functions:

a. coordinating and preparing the meetings of MODs/ DMODs/ DCHODs, in conjuction with the host nation.

b. Elaborating proposals and making recommendations on the annual work plans of activities, as well as on the agendas of the meetings in the SEDM process.

c. Overseeing all SEDM working groups and coordinating with and among them.

d. Providing politico-military advice to those working groups, as needed.

e. Coordinating SEDM activities with the activities in the region of other organisations , in accordance with the guidance of the SEDM Ministers.The Parties may also agree to other functions.

4. The role of the SEDM-CC to coordinate SEDM activities referred to in this Agreement does not include MPFSEE related activities and does not constitute any change to or revision of the existing agreed functions, duties and responsibilities of the PMSC in relation to the MPFSEE Agreement which continue to be in force without prejudice. The SEDM-CC Chairman and Secretariat, which rotate in accordance with the PMSC rotation plan.


For the meetings of the SEDM-CC, each Party to this Agreement whose State is not at the same time party to this Agreement on the MPFSEE, will nominate a delegation , headed by a senior representative who may be advised by experts in the relevant field. The parties to the MPFSEE Agreement may expand or change their current PMSC delegations to cover SEDM-CC MATTERS.


The SEDM-CC will hold either regular meetings before or after the meetings of the PMSC, or special meetings held in response to a specific request by any Party or upon invitation by the Chairman.


The Chairmanship of SEDM-CC, the place of the meetings, the decision making process. The preparation of the agenda and the payment of the administrative costs shall be governed by article IV of the Agreement on the MPFSEE.


1. Disputes arising from the interpretation or application of this Agreement will be settled by consultations among the Parties without recourse to outside jurisdiction.

2. Any Party may propose amendments to this Agreement in writing at any time. Any such amendments will enter into force when accepted in writing by all Parties in accordance with respective national legal procedures.


1. This Agreement shall be subject to approval in accordance with respective national legal procedures. Upon completion of national legal procedures, each Party shall notify the depositary State. After all Parties have notified the depositary State that they have completed national legal procedures, this Agreement will enter into force.

2. The Parties agree, as national legal procedures permit, to begin implementation of the procedures contained in this Agreement upon signature.


1. Any State requesting participation in the SEDM process shall be required to accede to this Agreement.

2. Upon completion of the national legal procedures, each acceding Party shall notify the depositary State which shall inform the other Parties accordingly. For the acceding Party, this Agreement will enter into force thirty days after notification.


This Agreement shall remain in force for an indefinite period of time, unless the Parties decide otherwise.


1. This Agreement may be denounced by any Party at any time. The denunciation will be effected by a written notification addressed by this Party to the depositary. In such a case the depositary shall duly inform all Parties.

2. The denunciation shall take effect thirty days after the date of receipt of such notification. After the expiration of this period, the Agreement shall cease to be in force as regards the Party which denounced it, but it shall continue to be in force for the remaining Parties.

3. If, on the effective denunciation date, there are still unresolved financial issues or claims which affect the denouncing Party, this Agreement shall continue to apply with respect to the resolution of these issues or claims.

Done in Thessaloniki, Greece, on the 9th of October 2000 in one originalin the English language which shall be deposited with the Government of Greece, which shall provide duly certified copies to the Parties.

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