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SEEBRIG Visit to Na-5 Affiliated Units

On 07th of September SEEBRIG HQ delegation team led by Commander of SEEBRIG BG Evangelos MITROUTSIKOS visited Na-5 / Affiliated Unit, (MechInf Coy), from 2nd Inf Bn/ 1st Inf Bde of the Army of Republic of North Macedonia, located in garrison of Stip.


           Visit was planned as a part of preparation of Exercise «SEVEN STARS–22», which is the main SEEBRIG HQ training activity of the current year. Exercise «SEVEN STARS–22» will be conducted in SIMCEN/Veles as CPX/CAX. Additionally, Na-5 /Affiliated Units will demonstrate their capabilities viaa LIVEXin Krivolak Training Area.


           SEEBRIG HQ delegation was welcomed by 1st Inf BdeCommander, BG Sashko LAFCHISKI, and the Deputy Commander of 2ndInf Bn.


           Firstly, a short introduction took place and provided information regarding themission, structure, capacities, experience from last NATO evaluation and plans for transformation and modernization.

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