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Evaluation visit to Na 3 SEEBRIG affiliated units, 23 – 24 Nov 2017

   A SEEBRIG delegation headed by COMSEEBRIG, BG Tudorica PETRACHE, conducted an evaluation visit to Na-3 affiliated units from 23 to 24 November 2017. Members of this delegation were: COS COL Ioannis INTZES, DCOSOPS COL Ljupcho SPASEVSKI, G7 PLANS OFF MAJ Sotirios MAMALIS, G4 P&C OFF MAJ Nikolaos POULIOS, G6 Frequency MGMT OFF  MAJ Emil PANDOV and ADC MAJ Radu AMARIE.

   SEEBRIG delegation started the evaluation visit on 23 November 2017 with Engineer COY which is located in Sindos, a subunit of 723 Engineer Battalion.
   The next day, on 24 November 2017, the delegation moved to Polikastro for the evaluation of 525 Mechanized Infantry Battalion, a subunit of 33 Mechanized Infantry Brigade.
   The evaluation was a great opportunity for SEEBRIG personnel to familiarize themselves with the capabilities, capacities, training standards, facilities, equipments, vehicles and weaponry systems of affiliated units and to meet their personnel and key leaders.

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