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COMSEEBRIG Official Visit to Na-5 Affiliated Units

 Commander of SEEBRIG BG Faruk METİN paid an official visit to Na-5 Affiliated Units on 24 March 2017 with a delegation.

 SEEBRIG delegation visited Commander of 1st Mechanized Infantry Brigade BG Mirche GJORGOSKI in Šhtip Garrison. Then 1st Mechanized Infantry Company and Engineer Platoon delivered Unit briefings to the delegation and they attended a sample exhibition of 1st Mechanized Infantry Company’s equipment including weapons, general equipment, CIS equipment and vehicles. 

 It was observed that Na-5 affiliated units’ personnel are very well trained, motivated and experienced. As a conclusion of the visit, COMSEEBRIG and Na-5 Affiliated Unit Commanders familiarized and shared information and experience with each other. 

 In the end of the visit, COMSEEBRIG expressed his pleasure and congratulate to the Unit Commanders and his superiors on the professionalism of Na-5 affiliated Units. COMSEEBRIG appreciated the great effort and commitment of Na-5 to SEEBRIG, reflected through professionalism and readiness of the units. 

A delegation led by the Commander of LITPOLUK Brigade BG Adam JOKS paid an official visit to SEEBRIG HQ on 01 March 2016. During the visit the delegation was briefed about SEEBRIG. The visit is an opportunity to start cooperation and to share experience among SEEBRIG and LITPOLUK Brigade.

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