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Larissa Museums Visit and City Tour Larissa, Na3, 30 September 2017

On 30th September 2017, SEEBRIG HQ organized a visit in the city of Larissa for the newly appointed personnel.

Creating the conditions for better understanding the culture of the country where SEEBRIG is deployed and increasing the awareness of the staff toward the values and traditions of the Host Nations is part of SEEBRIG mission.
Participants in this event were SEEBRIG HQ staff and their families’ members. They had the chance to visit the Historical (Diachronical) Museum of Larissa, the archaeological site of the Ancient Theater of Larisa and the city centre where they had the chance to learn about different aspects of the town (cultural, gastronomic, trade, local products etc). At the end of the tour everybody felt a little bit more as citizen of Larissa.


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