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The 18th Anniversary of SEEBRIG, 23 Aug 2017 Larissa, Na3

South Eastern Europe Brigade (SEEBRIG) celebrated its 18th Anniversary on Wednesday the 23rd of August 2017 at Imperial Hotel in Larissa, Na 3, in parallel with the handover – takeover of the SEEBRIG Command.

   The history of HQ SEEBRIG began when it was activated on the 31st of August 1999. The location of the HQ was established on a rotational basis, starting with Plovdiv, Nation 2, between 1999-2003, followed by Constanta, Nation 6, between 2003-2007, and Istanbul, Nation 7, between 2007-2011. Since July 2011 SEEBRIG HQ has been located in Tyrnavos, Larissa Nation 3.
   The ceremony was opened by the new Commander of SEEBRIG (COMSEEBRIG), BG Tudorică PETRACHE (Na 6), thanking all the guests and delivering a speech in which he underlined the importance of the event. Afterwards, the new chairman of South-East Europe Defense Ministerial/Political-Military Steering Committee (SEDM/PMSC), ambassador Mr. Eleftherios ANGHELOPOULOS (Na 3), was invited by COMSEEBRIG to cut the anniversary cake, after delivering his own speech.
   Distinguished guests from 11 different countries participated in the event along with all SEEBRIG personnel and their families.

SEEBRIG Headquarters

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