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SEEBRIG participation to Exercise STEADFAST LEDA 2021, 17 Nov – 02 Dec 2021, NRDC- ESP, Vitoria, Spain and Bydgoszcz, Poland

STEADFAST LEDA 2021 (STLE-21) is a Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) sponsored land domain Computer Assisted Exercise / Command Post Exercise (CPX/CAX), which aimed to train, evaluate and support the certification of HQ NRDC-ESP as a Warfighting Corps Headquarters, ready to lead up tp 120.000 soldiers against a peer adversary in a high intensity operation.

 STLE-21 was conducted between 17th of November to 02nd of December 2021. There were two levels of TA exercising: NRDC-ESP was the Primary Training Audience (PTA) and NRDC-GR / ARRC were the Secondary Training Audience (STA). NRDC-ESP was deployed to Araca Military Base, Vitoria – Gasteiz (Spain), while Exercise Control (EXCON) was established within the Joint Force Training Center (JFTC) in Bydgoszcz (Poland).

 This exercise provided a platform to strengthen the ability of land forces to work together in a Joint environment and to indicate that NATO is ready and capable to effectively protect the Alliance.

 SEEBRIG HQ supported this key event with 2 officers, COL Memduh DERE/CG4 (EXCON) and MAJ Stergios THEOCHARIS/G3 TRG (OPSCEN). STLE-21 was a great opportunity for SEEBRIG to increase its visibility among NATO community and to enhance the mutual trust and collaboration in common future training activities between NRDC - ESP and SEEBRIG.

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