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Participation of SEEBRIG personnel to Main Planning Conference (MPC) for exercise Maple Arch 21 organised by LITPOLUKR BDE, Tbilisi - Georgia, 09-13 August 2021

The MPC for Exercise Maple Arch 2021 (MA 21) was conducted in Krtsanisi Training CenterGeorgia from 09 to 13th of August 2021 and SEEBRIG HQ participated with 2 representatives, LTC Emrah IBIS – CG3 and MAJ Adrian ZLOTEA - G3 Ops. The aim of the activity was to enhance the efforts in developing the necessary products required for exercise execution, establish personnel contribution to the exercise structure and design the future intentions related to Maple Arch 2021.

Participation on MA 21 exercise will provide a good opportunity for SEEBRIG HQ personnel to develop skills and increase the level of knowledge regarding a PSO designed exercise and also to improve the cooperation with LITPOLUKR brigade.

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